How You Could Be Impacted by a HVAC Parts and Equipment Shortage

As we start enjoying the summer, our A/C units work harder than ever to keep us comfy. Unfortunately, the more HVAC systems run, the sooner they’ll be needing repair or replacement as parts get fatigued from normal operation. And just as the pressure for repairs is set to culminate around mid-summer, thousands of homeowners are in for an unwanted surprise. A global raw materials shortage is causing issues for the HVAC industry, and that means extended wait times for thousands across North America. If you’re wanting to repair your air conditioning system, we advise doing this soon. Here’s why.

Why Is There a Shortage?

We all know how hard the past year has been, and it's impacted the supply chain. Multiple compounding factors on top of COVID-19 have led to an international raw materials shortage for numerous sectors, which includes HVAC manufacturers. These important material shortages will impact the accessibility of lots of household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and A/C units. Production has stalled for many HVAC manufacturers and warehouses are beginning to become scarce.

How the Shortage Could Impact You

With less equipment available than ever before, more than 125,000 HVAC distributors will be impacted. Smaller scale contractors who don’t have access to major supply networks might run into inevitable problems getting needed parts for repairs. You could be without A/C for weeks while you wait for parts to arrive.

That’s why we strongly suggest any homeowner who is thinking about replacing their HVAC unit to do it shortly to have access to the choice selection and price.

How Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning Can Support You

We’ve served you for decades. We know the neighborhoods and are proud to be an important part of our local communities. Unlike small companies, we can reach a much wider range of suppliers.

Even during shortages, our buying power means we have greater access to get what you need for repairs and replacements. All Service Experts location is connected to an international supply network, allowing us to make it through this supply disruption with fewer troubles than small companies. We incorporate the customer service and knowledge of a local business with the ordering power and support of an industry leader.

Getting a head start on equipment shortages? There’s an Expert for that. Call us at 330-269-7235 to request Expert service today.